Whether you have a good boss or a bad one, being in a good account is surely a task one likes to accomplish. Being liked or preferred by your boss makes your life easier at your job. You get recognized and praised and chosen for more and more work opportunities. Everybody is always looking for promotions and perks of the job, once you are in the good books of the boss, you are well versed and good to go with the promotions. Well, on the other hand, getting into good books with your boss is necessary to avoid daily targets and unnecessary anxiety.

Here are a few tips on how to be one of the best employees and be in the good books of the boss.

  • Positive body image

Always try to portray a positive body in front of the office, a cheerful man is always appreciated and needed to maintain a good office environment and eventually is the boss’ favorite. Always smile and keep a happy face, always appear to be enthusiastic, and always be ready for new challenges.

  • Be the best one

The best way of ensuring that your boss likes you is to be the best at work and to exceed expectations at work. Distinguish yourself at the workplace do something different and out of the box; the boss will automatically take mere interest in you and you’ll already be in his good books.

  • Be punctual

The value of punctuality is important everywhere whether in the office or school or college. It is often underestimated, especially in India. Reaching the office on time is mandatory, and late to the office might show a bad impression. Also being punctual for meetings and appointments is one of the basic criteria of an efficient worker. It reveals that you are professional, well organized, and want to work more efficiently on your own.

  • Be a problem solver

Try to be a problem solver, always try to work hard towards any kind of office problems and tackle them with utmost care and attention. Be solid at solutions this will lead to getting you in the good observation and you’ll definitely be in good books of the office, or could say problem solver of the office.

  • Be flexible and active

Be active, always be active and flexible towards your work. Try to accept new challenges and work hard towards them, never give up or work lesser any day.

  • Learn new skills

Learn new skills, every day or every time. Never underestimate the part of learning and growing, always inspire others, and try to be inspired by others and to gain more knowledge about the work.

  • Avoid silly talks

Avoid ill talks about others or just silly talks in between of something important. Try to be genuine and authentic when it comes to office work. Silly talks may lead to falling in a place where nobody no longer gives you respect to you or your work.

  • Know your boss

Every person has his or her own ideology and diplomacy. Once you know the boss’ likes and dislikes, points of irritation you understand what to do and what to avoid doing when around the boss. Try to learn about your boss’ interests outside of work in other criteria of work so that you can bond on things apart from work.

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