Ice cream is a delicious treat! In this era of social media, this worldwide real treat has shocked the internet with some odd meal variations?

Social networking sites have elevated the popularity of cuisine combinations to the point where ingredients that don’t make sense are nevertheless made with passion to reach out to the people. There is some bizarre combination of ice-cream that has left the people in shock.

Here are 5 ice cream fusions that made us go eww!!

1. Coconut Curry Ice cream

Coconut combination, salt, sugar, and a dash of seasonings are used to make this ice cream. This odd cuisine converted into ice cream will end up leaving you baffled.

2. Samosa Ice cream

Yes, there is a Samosa Ice Cream Roll that is offered with meethi sauce. So, in this clip, they’ve taken a samosa, smashed it up, and mixed in some ice cream. Not only that, but this strange ice cream roll is garnished with chutney. Isn’t it horrifying?

3. Burger Ice cream

Ice cream Rolls, a YouTube page, shared the strange clip. A McDonald’s chicken cheeseburger is shattered and crushed in this scene. After that, the ice cream mixture is poured and combined. Ice cream rolls are retrieved and distributed once the substance has been spread. Would you try something like this?

4. Toilet Roll Ice cream

This viral ice cream combination was made by disintegrating toilet paper and blending it with condensed milk and fresh cream, as the title suggests. Food lovers questioned the rationale of this bizarre mix while the internet was enraged.

5. Garlic Ice cream

When it comes to Italian cuisine, garlic is fantastic, but when it comes to ice cream, that combination does not sit well together. Gilroy, California, is recognised as the world’s garlic hub, so it’s only natural that they’d be the ones to blend the two flavours. It has an odd flavour, but because of its popularity, many people try it.

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