Harsh Agrawal is among the most well-known writers. He is the owner of ShoutMeLoud, a well-known and multi-award-winning weblog where he writes on Blog posts, SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media, and other topics.

He’s also a blogging role model for many people out there. His journey is motivating and inspiring for the youth. He’s a great and helpful individual. Harsh Agrawal has been blogging for more than ten years. In 2008, he started his career. Harsh Agarwal also maintains a number of other blog sites, including CoinSutra and others.

Here are some lessons to learn from Harsh Agrawal

1) You should never waste your precious time.

Harsh was involved in a mishap about a week from his birthday, on June 29, 2009. He got a major broken leg, and the doctor advised him he would never be able to walk properly. He had given up all optimism and confidence in blogging. But, unlike many individuals, when the surgeon told Harsh that he needs to rest in the hospital, he didn’t just lie in the hospital bed instead he spent the most of his days learning to blog. This motivates us to never end up wasting time again.

2) Believe in yourself.

Harsh Agrawal was in Convergys in Gurgaon in April / June 2009, but he decided to leave. His compensation in that job was $300 monthly at the time but he chose to blog. He also had a number of job offers, one of which was from Accenture. Folks in his group recommended him to join Accenture, which was a large corporation as well, but he chose to heed to himself. He chose to follow his intuition and pursue blogging as a profession. Harsh’s choice to become who he is now was one of the life-changing decisions.

3) Be open and honest with your viewers.

If you’re trying to be a false expert by giving your viewers some misleading information then you won’t last long. Always keep your people in the loop. This is a cornerstone of success. The more transparent you are with your viewers, the more they will respect you and adhere to you. Harsh Agrawal is known for establishing trust with his listeners. One of the primary reasons for his tremendous success is because of this

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