The wedding time is nearly upon us, and whether you have a ceremony to organize or visit this year, we understand the mix of enthusiasm and nerves that can accompany it. Wedding ceremonies, irrespective of where you are from in the society, are huge affairs. Selecting your bridal outfit is one of the most unforgettable tasks. It’s one of the loveliest outfits to wear on this important day. Based on your taste for handmade clothing, you can get a stitched lehenga or a semi-stitched lehenga. More importantly the colours should be matching the occasion.

Here are some best dulhan wale outfits for you.

1. A traditional red or maroon lehenga

Even now, most ladies opt to wear a red lehenga on their wedding ceremony. And because they are both striking and exquisite, we find it difficult not to fall in love with them every time we see a unique one at a wedding.

2. Pink lehenga in a pastel shade

On your wedding day, make a great impression in this beautiful light pink lehenga and dazzle everybody with your distinct style. This magnificent outfit, which features gemstone details and elaborate needlework, is ideal for your fantasy wedding day.

3. The lehenga with flower design

This stunning magenta and tie-dye floral lehenga will make an elegant remark at your sangeet ceremony. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that looks great with lovely bib jewellery and a bold lip.

4. Lehenga with a glistening shimmer

You can’t seem to find the right clothing for your wedding reception? Choose this lovely pink lehenga choli outfit with glistening glass embroidery. It’s lovely, sizzling, and enticing outfits.

5. Turquoise blue lehenga is a one-of-a-kind piece.

This one will undoubtedly assist you in pushing the creative boundaries on your special day. Elegant flower embroidery adorns the edges of this lehenga. A pale pink dupatta can be incorporated to this monochrome lehenga to offer some colour.

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