With advancing technologies new learning opportunities have been created. With multiple programs and online courses, it has now become easy to learn new things.

Here are the 3 best online sites to study online.

1. Lynda

If you are looking forward to enhancing your skills in technology, business and creativity then lynda.com is the perfect one for you.

Lynda.com is considered as the pioneer of the e-learning business which was founded in 1995. It offers tutorials in five different languages. This online site is now owned by LinkedIn.

Lynda.com is based on subscription but it permits the users to have a free membership. They get access to the subscription library for 30 days from the signing up day.

This site offers a wide range of courses on various topics such as design, photography, business, marketing, software development and more. Lynda is an ideal study learning site for you if you are into visual learning.

2. Khan Academy

The main aim of Khan Academy is to provide the best education for free to anyone and anywhere in the world. Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation which was established by the educator Salman Khan.

To assist you in developing and sharpening your skills, the website provides micro lectures, instructional videos and practice assignments. Their focus is on traditional subjects such as mathematics, economics, computer programming and humanities.

3. Udemy

Udemy is another best website to study online for a variety of courses. The courses are being taught by various leading experts and the user can select from more than 55000 courses with various topics.

Udemy helps you to create custom courses for lessons. Here the content is available for free as well as paid.

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