Nowadays things get a bit tricky when it comes to dating, relationships, and friendship. Sometimes we tend to be curious about whether our crush likes us back. We also want to know that the other person we seem to be interested in, looks at us just as a friend or more than that, etc.

Everything is just puzzling and overwhelming but here are certain signs that a person can take notice of while paying attention to the behavior patterns of another person and from that, you’ll come to know whether the person is flirting or just being friendly.

Constant touches

When a person tends to touch the person a lot it signs flirting. There are different types of touches, some of them are friendly while some count as flirty. When you give a high five, handshake, a tap on the back sometimes these are not meant to be flirting signs but they could be friendly. But the person who finds reasons to touch you or playfully hit you every single time could be considered as flirting.


Genuine compliments here and there are friendly signs but if a friend or a person over showers you with compliments it’s a sure-fire sign of flirting.

Standing nearby

If a person stands at a normal distance it won’t mean anything but if she/he/they stands very close to you, often invading your space then that’s a sign of flirting.


Opposite of flirting could be excessively teasing someone can be taken as a sign of flirting.

Giving extra attention: If a person gives more attention to a specific person than all other presents there then that too is a sure sign of flirting.


If a person copies your action, this happens subconsciously, as we tend to copy the actions of the ones we are attracted to, then it’s a sure-fire sign of flirting.

Now as these are certain signs of attraction a person might project but it’s important to remember that we shouldn’t take them seriously unless and until the person who’s flirting admits their feelings to you, as some of them might be naturally flirty people and it might be their style of addressing other people.

So keep patience, only if you are 100% sure, you can try and make a move instead.

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