If you have just started an affair with one of your colleagues or even the boss at your workplace, then here are some tips to keep your office affair a secret.

1. Avoid unnecessary eye contact

Getting a peek of your partner might seem tempting but you need to control it at all costs. Although you might think that no one is watching, at the workplace even the walls have eyes and it won’t take time for the gossip to spread like a wildfire.

2. Do not try anything new out of the blue

Make sure to follow your usual routine. If you both suddenly start giving each other more time or start ignoring then it will be obvious that something is cooking between you two.

3. Don’t be overdressed at work

If you start getting overdressed, it is likely going to raise suspicion and will be obvious that you are trying to impress someone. Make sure to stay as casual as possible while dressing up.

4. Don’t go together or leave together for any office parties

If you go to each other’s dates a few times for a party, people are going to ask questions. Therefore it is better to avoid such parties together.

5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

In the office, get a grip of yourself and your wandering hands and feet. Although you might think that no one will see your little footsie under the table, everyone will be eager to discover a new relationship.
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