· What turns you on and off

There are certain things that are universal turn on but for every person, there’s something unique that turns them on. Your partner must know about these turn-ons of yours. They must also know what turns you off so that they avoid doing that thing while getting intimate. Having conversations about these will help you understand each other well and satisfy each other.

· Your sexual limits

Not everyone can have a great sex drive. Every person has their own sexual limit. Many people influenced by “fifty shades of grey” may want to try the BDSM thing but your partner may or may not like it. So it’s important to have a conversation about your limitations in bed.

· How often you want to have sex

The number of times you want to have sex in a week should be discussed with your partner. Ask your partner their views on it and decide how many times you would have sex in a week. Having a clear conversation about each other’s sex drive will help you avoid fights on this topic and decide the number of times on mutual understanding. Also, sex drives keep on changing so you must often discuss it with your partner when you feel the need to.

· Your desires in bed

As you discuss our favourite food, movies and things, you must also discuss your likings in bed. Tell your partner if you want to try something new, if you love a particular position and if you have some fantasies. Having a conversation about your desires with your partner assists your partner in understanding your needs and fulfilling them.

· Family planning

If you are married, having a conversation about family planning is a necessity. Discussing when to have kids? how many kids to have?, And the difference between each kid is a must-have discussion to create a mutual understanding between you both and plan your life together.

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