1. You were harshly criticized on your failure by your parents and relatives. You, therefore, received no helping hand when you failed.

2. Your parents expected too much out of you ever since you were little. You were expected to take care of your younger siblings or do heavy chores even when you were not capable of doing so.

3. Whenever you have a conversation with your parents, you end up feeling bad about yourself and you start questioning your existence.

4. You experience a lot of physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Generally, parents don’t hit their children for silly reasons. And it should be that way. If you think that parents abusing children is normal, then you are wrong. Abusing verbal or physical is not the right thing to do.

5. Either of your parents consumes alcohol or drugs, which is not the sign of toxic family but if they misuse their intoxication to get physically violent with you or abuse you, then yes, it is the sign if toxic family.

6. Your family failed to meet your needs, I repeat needs and not luxuries. Basic needs like electricity, food and shelter along with education. These few are basic needs and every parent is expected to give it to their children. However, it’s a different story if your parents can not afford it still the government of the country makes sure to provide education and food free of cost to the children. If your parents have restricted you from going to school then it’s a sign of the toxic family.

7. You are entirely controlled by your family members, they decide what you should wear, what you should study and even whom you should talk with. Certain families even control what their kids should eat, when should they sleep etc. Ignoring all these little things, of your parents are controlling some major decisions of your life like career choice and relationships then you stay with a toxic family.

8. You aren’t respected in your own house, you feel unloved and belittled quite often by your own family members. Even if there are disagreements in the family, love and kindness should always prevail. There should be respect for each member.

9. If your family is the one who consistently manipulates you and lies to you about things that matter to you then it becomes difficult to trust your family. You never know when they are telling the truth and when they are lying.

10. A healthy family would not compare their child with anyone else, but a toxic family always compare their child. If you are constantly being compared to different people for different reasons, then your family is a toxic one.

11. Do your parents guilt trip you? Do they often act as victims? If yes, then it’s a sign of the toxic family. Such parents often try to cry in front of their kids and put them under the guilt of something they might or might not have done. It’s ok to express disappointment but blaming and acting like a victim will create a toxic environment.

12. If you don’t do according to what I say then you are not my daughter anymore! If you hear this more often than yes it’s a toxic behaviour. Parents love should be unconditional and not come with such threats and ultimatums.

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