Relationships can be of various types. Some might fail, some might be a great success. Some might be really one-sided, and toxic and are necessary to break up. Being used in a relationship is really the worst feeling anyone can ever have. But unfortunately, it happens untold. You might have some signs before understanding that you are really being used in a relationship, while sometimes you are too naive and would never understand that you are being used. Sometimes having honest conversations with your partner can also lead you to a conclusion of it. If you recognize that the relationship is way too one-sided, you must try not to ignore it as it might make it more and more difficult.

Here are a few signs by which you’ll know for sure that you are being used in a relationship and you can save yourself from such toxic relationships.

  • The conversation is always about them

It’s always about them, about the problems, about the joys and sadness. When you see that the relationship is turning into a self-centered relationship, wherein you only discuss their things and your things are ignored and neglected know that they are completely using you.

  • They never consider your wish

When you notice that your opinion matters nothing to them and you are being ignored for considering your own wishes know that it’s turning into a one-sided thing and that they are being used. You should totally leave away the relationship where your opinion doesn’t matter even a bit.

  • They’re always asking for favors

They’re always asking for favors from you and always willing to take pleasures of the favors you are giving them. Know that you must be given priority as well. Know that you should be equally prioritized in the relationship and never think of anything otherwise.

  • They never apologize or be thankful

They restrain themselves from saying thank you or sorry. They never think of saying that and always consider that you are the one who is at fault for anything that is wrong in this world. Know this sign they are using you for making you feel degraded and taking you for granted

  • You are always left alone

You always are left alone, you never discuss your issues and hence are always left alone to solve your problems. You feel alone even when you are with them and always feel left out.

  • They never appreciate

They never ever appreciate good things about you instead are always complaining about you. They are trying to always make you feel less appreciated and less important in their life.

  • The whole world is questioning your relationship

Everyone is concern about your relationship, and they are asking you if things are fine between you and if you are happy in the relationship. If the whole world has noticed something you must know your own analysis as well.

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