Prepared for your first date? You must have already researched on things to do on a date. But there are also things that you should not be doing. We are all nervous and anxious on our first date. All we can think about is how we can impress our partner and make this a successful date. But sometimes we get so excited or oppositely nervous, that we speak of the things that ruin everything. Here is a list of things that you should never talk about on a date: –

  • Ex partners – This has to be the most important topic that you should not be talking about. Some people go through an awful breakup and bringing that up on date spoils their mood. They might not even be over their ex, and you will only make it difficult for them to forget by talking about it.
  •  Family troubles – Don’t discuss your family issues with your partner. Nobody wants to hear you whine and complain about your stressful life. This creates a depressing environment.
  • Religion – If you belong to different religions, don’t point it out. Show that it is not even a topic that you think about at all. There might be a huge difference in opinion and can reduce your chances of the second date.
  • Politics – Similar to the above topic, this too can turn into an argument due to difference in opinion. This is a complex topic to discuss especially on a first date.
  • Finances – You may be financially stable or not, doesn’t matter because you cannot talk about it. Talking about having money can show that you are using your money to brag and impress. Similarly talking about facing money problems can show you have a lack of confidence and stressful situations.
  • Physical intimacy – This is fine for couples who have been together for a long time but not on a first date. Don’t talk about your sexual desires or ask your partner about their preferences.

Talk only about things that you think would be comfortable to talk about if you were them. The first impression is the last impression. If you are shy, don’t try to hide it. Just remember not to say anything weird or crazy and stick to the above tips.