Sometimes even if you want to be happy, others around us affect that thought of ours and make us unhappy. In a relationship, it becomes difficult at times for both the partners to be mutually happy. Sometimes you have to compromise for her and sometimes she sacrifices for you. But each sacrifice makes us feel unsatisfied and unhappy. But you make it for the collective good. Things like these are the reasons why relationships are highly complicated and complex unless both the partners understand each other properly. Here are some tricks or rather tips that you can try to keep your mate happy but also remain happy yourself: –

  • Communicate more – Unless you talk everything and share every detail of your day, you won’t be able to maintain the relationship spark. If you are doing something for her, tell her. You might think keeping it from her is romantic but it only makes her take you for granted taking your happiness away.
  • Do at least one thing together – It becomes difficult with time to spend more time together with both of you having your careers or jobs to focus on. Even so, do at least one activity together in a day. It may be exercising or cooking dinner together to anything else. This will help you spend some time together every day.
  • Express your concerns – Sometimes you worry about your partner for some reason but aren’t able to express it effectively. His makes you hold that thought inside you and you end up reacting poorly to her actions. She may have achieved something great but your worry for her restricts you from admiring her, which she may take as a negative sign.
  • Go on a vacation – The best way to be happy together is to take a trip together. It releases both of you from any stress and trouble and reinforces your relationship. It makes you forget all the relationship issues and allows you to focus on each other and nothing else.

A relationship is very complicated, but having a clear mind and understanding towards each other can help you achieve your relationship goals.