Making loving or having sex?

Ever wondered what links relationship and sex?

Being in a relationship, sex is a way of showing love and better insight into each other’s souls. love and relationship go hand in hand. Love is mostly the emotional side of the relationship and sex is the physical side of the relationship. Love is a feeling that is experienced by two people who are involved and known each other for a long time, have a strong attachment based on feelings of compassion, kindness, positivity, and affection for one another. It is thought about without any sexual desires, purely loving and adoring your partner and caring for them is love. Sex on the other hand accompanies love as well, whenever sex coincides with love it is the best companionship the couples experience. It secures the couple with the deepest understanding of each other and renders the strength of the invincibility of the relationship, which includes their families, likes dislikes, etc. Whereas in all sexual relationships loves not necessarily present. There are concepts like casual sex dating and hookups where the people are compassionate about each other, but they are not looking for love or commitment. One must keep in mind that there is a thin line between love and sex.

We can surely say love and sex together makes a relationship a wonderful one. Here are a few reasons why love and sex amalgamation is considered best.

  • Sex is satisfying with love

Sex is more satisfying and better if it is combined with love. Love adds trust and comfort to the sexual relationship. You can be more open to each other when you are having a sexual experience with your partner. You won’t be afraid to ask for the things you want and you have satisfactory results.

  • Love adds trust and comfort 

Love surely adds on trust and comfort. You are 100% comfortable with the person you love and care for. You can share anything with them without any hesitation. You are at a relaxed level in having sex with them and more satisfactory results

  • Love and sex together make you inseparable 

When a relationship goes on to the level of having a sexual bond the relationship turns into a concrete relationship, every lasting and forever. It feels like home when you are with your partner.

  • Sex enhances love

Sex has really good impacts on the love life of a person. When both the persons are really into each other care for each other and have a great sex life it is easier to spend the rest of their life together.

   After going through all these concepts we can conclude that even though a healthy relationship exists between love and sex in a romantic relationship, not necessarily all relationships have the same sex and love ratio.

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