You always turn into your mom, genetically. You try to pick up a few of her habits and think and act like her. No doubt mothers are superheroes and they also have things which really motivate us for a better life.

Here are a few habits and behaviors which give you a sign that you really are turning into your mother-

  • Frustrate out with technology

If you get frustrated too soon with upcoming technology and find ways to avoid using difficult applications and softwares, you have a clear sign that you are totally turning into your mother. You try to avoid playing online games and use social media. And just like your mother, you’re frazzled by the social media and apps and Softwares.

  • You don’t believe in online dating sites

 You may have heard of Tinder, but never felt like using it to find a date. During our mothers’ era, there was no such option available of online dating and they had to actually meet them in person. You are preferring actual dating rather than trying out those online dating apps.

  • You are always stubborn

You are turning into a stubborn lady to deal with. You always stick to your decisions and make those happen no matter what. You always fight for your rights and work towards your ideas

  • Always searching for sales

You are always looking out for sales in the stores and on online sites and always try to grab the opportunity without fail.

  • You avoid parties to stay home

You avoid all the parties with friends and family to stay home and be in the pajamas for the whole time. You avoid social circles and try to stay away.

  • You can’t stand the modern dressing style

Wearing shorts and open clothes are not your style. You always try to point out faults in them and judge them.

  • You always boss around the house

You love bossing around the house just like your mother. You are always giving orders to orders to work around.

  • You like cleaning and tidying things

You are starting to like cleaning the whole house and try keeping the things in place and to make sure there is no dirt.