Relationships are all out of love. You all must have had a relationship, some might be heartbreaking, some might be really physical and some might be too committed to being true. A committed relationship usually turns into a live-in relationship situation. Live-in relationships are a more common type of relationship. Everyone has different thoughts and ways to look at its approach, which would lead them to accept or disapprove of such relationships. There are many reasons for a couple to finally take a step ahead and to move in together, such kind of relationship involve a different level of responsibility and discipline. One that you might need to evaluate themselves before they decide to take this huge step in their relationship.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of live-in relationships. A very own advantage of being in a live-in relationship is its biggest disadvantage that is a lack of commitment and insecurity. It is known that human relationships are weak and complex and at the same time sensitive to handle. Because of all the pressure and responsibilities that come with marriage, couples prefer avoiding marriage and prefer live-in to have stress free secular life. Despite the many debates when it comes to live-in relationships, there are positives and negatives both to ti.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of live-in relationships and how it might help you in deciding if you wanna have one for yourself.


A live-in relationship is marriage free from all the legalities and responsibilities. By this, you know your partner better, and understand each other at a deeper level. Sometimes, couples opt for a live-in relationship before they can get married to experience how it will be to be with them and how you will deal with the bigger terms like marriage.

This can be beneficial since you can examine the areas that you both may need to work on or if you are sure of marrying your partner. Some choose a live-in relationship because they cannot handle the type of commitment to a marriage level where both the families are involved in the relationship. In such cases, the couple finds that living together without the legalities and families suit them and their life better than marrying. They probably do not want to risk being stuck up later in a messy divorce battle, if there’s an issue.


Social taboo is a great disadvantage of a live-in relationship. Society finds it hard to accept such a relationship open-heartedly and freely. It is considered against the laws. It is considered as non-acceptable by the older parents especially. Couples in such types of relationships are often harassed and looked at by society for their choice of such illegal togetherness. Another most disadvantage of such type is the lack of commitment, small fights can lead to a split, whereas in a marriage a fight is often followed by reasoning and resolving since it’s a bond that is considered in witness of the family.

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