Tired of being reminded that you are unbelievably single and that you need to find someone to love and get loved? If yes, you fall under the category that prefers to remain single and stay away from the messy relationships. You are happy being single and you are doing absolutely well in your life. Even so, sometimes when you see your friend or sibling get into a relationship, you suddenly wish to feel or experience how it is to be in such a romantic relationship as theirs. But again, you still cannot bring yourself to overlook the fact the relationships are a lot of work and can get messy real quick and easy. If so, how do you find love? How do fill the longing feeling to express the romantic side of you or get loved by someone? Here are some ways you can try to fill that little hole in your life:-

  • Parents – Parents are someone who has been in your life since you saw your first day as a kid in the world. They have been looking after you and loving you unconditionally ever since then. They are a lot to handle at times but even so, they are the best source of love and affection that you can use. Your boyfriend may cheat on you but your dad will never hurt you. Your girlfriend may ditch you for someone better but your mother will love you no matter what.
  • Pets – It’s no surprise or a new thing to know that pets are an immense source of love and happiness. If you feed a street dog just once, it will be in your debt for life. Animals are naturally loyal and affectionate. You can play with them and nurture them just like your very own kid.
  • Your hobbies – Not something that you had in your mind, but hobbies and interests make up for a sufficient amount of love and happiness you get. You won’t probably get loved back, but you will surely have something to pour your love on to. You can just start by doing things that you enjoy the most.
  • Siblings – Many of us are not that close or affectionate towards our siblings. Be it a blood relation or cousins, this is a perfect opportunity to get close with the people who are supposed to be close to you but for some reason they aren’t. Maybe you or they are just introverts and avoid talking much. Even so, you can use this positive urge inside you to make a strong bond with them.
  • Babies – If you have a baby in your family or the neighbourhood, you can turn towards them to throw away your love at them. Their innocence and silliness will only make you happy and satisfied with yourself.