For years, the debate about single life and life in a relationship being better or worse is going on and on. Every other person has different views about relationships. The exact fact about which life is more peaceful can never be revealed as it is dependent on every individual’s thinking and experiences. However, it is no new fact that both coupled life and singles life have advantages as well as disadvantages. Even so, single life tends to have more peace and free from mess. The reasons for the following are as follows: –

  • Your choices don’t depend on your partner – If you are single, you have no idea how many compromises people in a relationship have to make to keep each other happy, and you should be thankful for that. You probably don’t have to choose the chocolate flavoured ice cream just because she likes it and you have to settle for it. You can just choose whatever makes you happy. That includes your choice of colour, flavour, style, vacation place or any other thing.
  • You can flirt without obligations – Not that is very ethical or advisable, to flirt with every other girl you see, but you can still casually flirt with your girl-friends or crushes without feeling guilty or obliged. This is something you can’t do while being in a relationship.
  • Loads of time – People in a relationship have to spend time together or chat or talk on calls for hours. That is something you don’t have to do being single. You can just utilize your time on something productive or just have it for yourself to relax and chill. You get time to build yourself and grow yourself.
  • You can sleep peacefully – It is very common in a relationship to stay up late at nights just to chat or talk with your partner. People have to stay up late and compromise their sleep just so that their partner doesn’t feel hurt. You being single are free of any such obligations and can sleep any time you want.
  • You can catch up with your friends – There may be many examples around us where we see a person who used to spend almost all his time with his friends before getting into a relationship. Often after getting into a relationship people don’t get to have fun with their friends because they spend their free time with their partner. Being single allows you to free yourself and laugh more with your friends.
  • You become more independent – Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend just makes our life easier since couples help each other in almost everything. It may sound like an advantage but it makes you more and more dependent on your partner for those tasks. When you do things without any help, even if you need more time or more effort, it makes you independent and boosts your self-esteem.

Looking at these advantages anyone might want to choose a single life. Just enjoy your days as a single person and keep all your happiness for yourself. Stay away from all the relationship mess until you find someone who actually rings bells in your heart. Single life is good but love life as its advantages too!