“Sexting”. If you don’t know what that means, it is the act of texting sexually explicit words or photo-based messages through an app which is available on your cell phone.

Modern-day relationships, more often start on the mobile phone, people meet each other through phones and even start dating. Ironically, so does modern-day cheating, which starts through phones. With technology affecting our thoughts and actions like never before, the lines between right and wrong have gotten blurred. Through the overuse of technology, people tend to ignore what is right and what is wrong.

Sexting is a crucial element of affairs, within a relationship or outside of it, and depending on the context it can wreck or strengthen a relationship. But pros and cons of sexting do exist. Sexting with your partner is not wrong but if the same sexting is done with someone who is not your partner then it can certainly be wrong.

Sexting with someone else, even if you are married signifies that you are interested in someone else as well. It makes you feel craving for another person other than your partner or significant other. It arouses sexual fantasies about another person other than your partner or significant other.

It takes your feelings away from your main relationship. Sexting can provoke you to correlate your real relationship to the fantasy one, it provokes resentment towards your partner.

It can cause you to become emotionally connected to the person you are sexting with. Having this secret sexting life can create an obstacle between you and your spouse, which can damage intimacy and faith between both of you.

Directing sexual attention to someone who isn’t your partner, is considered inappropriate when you are in a relationship with someone. Even if you start out sexting just for the sake of fun, with no intention of going too deeply into it, sexting can often direct to actual sexual encounters.

Sexting is of course cheating if you sext with somebody who is neither your spouse nor your significant other.

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