Many teens tend to work part-time along with their studies, to earn some money, for increasing their pocket money, or for various other reasons. There are several jobs available for teens to work.

Here are some good-paying jobs for teens

1. Cashier

A cashier’s main duty is to ring up customers’ products and finalize the check-out process. This comprises conducting price checks, bagging the items, verifying coupons or gift cards, receiving cash or processing card payments, and giving change when necessary.

2. Sales associate

A sales associate operates in a store and is accountable for assisting customers who want to make purchases. Duties of sales associates include replying to customer inquiries and complaints, maintaining a standardized appearance in the store by organizing shelves and racks, and giving product suggestions to customers.

3. Server

Servers work in restaurants, pubs, and fast food stores. They are responsible for taking orders from customers, handing the prepared food to customers, and collecting payments from the customers.

4. Lifeguard

Lifeguards are responsible for implementing safety rules and restrictions around the swimming facility, helping in providing swimming lessons, regulating the area for signs of danger, rescuing the swimmers if they are drowning, and providing first aid if anyone gets injured.

5. Landscape laborer

A landscape laborer can conduct a wide range of duties, from trimming the grass to cutting off unwanted plants, watering plants, and pulling out weeds.

6. Dog walker

A dog walker is responsible for taking other people’s dogs out on walks. These walks help practice the dogs and enable them to socialize with other animals. Dog walkers are needed mainly when their owners don’t have time to walk them.

7. Babysitter

A babysitter is looking after young children while their parents are away. The babysitter takes care of the baby, feeds them food, and plays with them. Babysitters are also responsible for maintaining the play area and dining area clean as well as putting the children to sleep on late nights.

8. Automotive technician

An automotive technician is responsible for the restoration of automotive machineries, such as cars. This can be an incredible job to seek if you have experience working on cars, or if you want to experience the work in your free time.

9. Tutor

A tutor is responsible for education and aiding students with their coursework outside of regular school hours. If you are extremely proficient or knowledgeable in a certain subject in school, teaching others in that subject may be a beneficial job option for you.

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