When it comes to surprising your girlfriend on her birthday, you should try to make her feel special and try to think out of the box. Whether you buy something or make something for her, try to be creative and try to customize gifts for your girlfriend. Gifting her should come out from your heart. You should try to compose all the things she likes about your presents. There are various ways you can surprise your girlfriend on her birthday, you can invite her friends over, arrange a party, and have a blast. Here are a few extra things you can try to do in order to make her happy and surprised.

Make a handwritten card Handwritten cards are the most efficient way to surprise your girlfriend. Girls like hand-made gifts. You can try to write through the heart and to express your love for your girlfriend. You can also buy a customized card for your girlfriend with your photos and memories on it.

  • Plan a weekend alone

You can plan a weekend alone, away from everything. Maybe book a place or maybe visit a location or you can just plan a long drive date. This might make her feel more special and loved.

  • Try to be romantic

Try to be romantic, create a mood, and do some extra things for her which will overwhelm her. Try to do cute gestures like dancing with her on her favorite song

  • Bring her flowers and plan a surprise

Girls love being pampered and surprises. Get her favorite flowers and plan a surprise for her, invite some of her friends, make some decorations, order a wonderful cake, and surprise her.

  • Make a tape of her favorite songs

You can make a mixtape of all her favorite songs and gift it to her. This will make her remember you whenever she’ll listen to those songs and love it. You can play them for your dinner dates

  • Plan a candlelight dinner night

Plan a date night, make arrangements for dinner. Make or order from your favorite restaurant, set up the mood with some candles and music as well.

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