You must have heard, “ignorance kills”

It’s true, isn’t it? What is the major cause of violence and death? Is it the nation or it is the disease? It’s ignorance that kills. Many rape cases are happening what is the reason for it? Ignorance with respect to self-awareness should be avoided in life. It is very toxic and has a questionable approach to the life we are living and the reason we are living this life. Sometimes we are very ignorant of most of the things in life. We may not realize the effect of it at the moment but it surely will cause you great harm later on. Self-consciousness is really an important concept to carry forward in life. Once the time has passed there is no way we can revert it back and change things. Prevention needs to be taken without any sort of ignorance.

 So many people are so into making money and creating luxury that they actually ignore the fact that all this is no just materialism and that life is inevitable. Just one click and you are gone no more, leaving behind all the material things you owned.

Always be aware of what you are surrounded with, be aware of what energy you are bounded with. One should never ignore his or her existence. Our paths are already laid out at the beginning of time itself. The road might be difficult but surely it’s laid out. One must never ignore this fact and must always go with the flow of life and do not worry about the timeline, since it’s already planned out and carved under your name since birth.

One must take this opportunity of life, in inspiring others, help others, and to be kind. Be a reason a person believes in the goodness of people.

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