Women often face the issue of being stalked by their ex, or some stranger who supposedly likes them. Stalking can escalate quickly from just for fun to violence against women. As the situation gets terrifying and uncomfortable you must soon take necessary steps to deal with the stalker before things get worse.

Here’s how you can deal with the stalker.

· Observe and sense the danger

Sometimes you don’t even know you are being stalked, especially when the stalking is done online. However, you should be aware about activities going on your social media accounts. Observe carefully for any unusual accounts following you or trying to send you messages. See for the signs if you account has been hacked. Sense, if there’s any danger to your life with all the stalking scene.

· Avoid contact with the stalker

If you are followed by someone and someone who likes you, your small conversation with them can make them feel they are in a relationship with you. These people are often criminal minded and can assume things in their own benefit. Your little interaction can put you in trouble. So if you are aware of being stalked by someone, avoid contact with them. Don’t reply to their messages, also you must block them from your social media accounts.

· Hide your personal information

If the stalker just follows you and doesn’t have your personal details like mobile number or email id or name and address. Make sure he doesn’t get one. Do not share your home address or place of work online or on social media. This may give an online stalker the opportunity to find you in person.

· Consider taking help

Even if you have the slightest doubt about someone stalking you, immediately call up your friend and inform them about it. Let all your friends know about it and ask for help from them. You can also talk to your parents about it and ask them to talk with that person. If you, yourself want to talk up with that person consider taking your friend along with you.

· Report the stalker

If you find the stalker quite a serious one, who won’t leave your back despite all the efforts you took and if you sense any danger from them, immediately report the stalker at a police station. Ask for help from the police and protection if needed. If the stalker is stalking with the help of the internet, inform the cybersecurity cell and they’ll help you get rid of the person.

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