It might be hard to select between friends and love, but worry not, in this article we will explore more on it. A normal banter with friends which can sometimes turn a bit brutal is usually a normal occurrence and it won’t be that hurtful. However, in case of love, you are more careful of the words you spew out and it can often lead to hurtful feelings.

Friendship is always better than relationships because it does not matter how much time you are spending with your friend but when you are in a relationship multiple rules are set in place in respect to phone calls, who calls first or whether it is your turn to go over tonight and whatnot.

Even though love is precious to everyone, it has high stakes. It should first begin with friendship and should later be followed by love. When you choose friends you simply select comfort, ease and understanding rather than the rush of hormones.

Friends tend to see you at your worst and best but when it comes to love efforts are taken to impress them. However, a person cannot always select friends over a love, it depends on the situation.

Here are some of the ways that would help you select one

1. Love is intense, full of wild and raw emotions which can either be good or bad. Whereas a friendship is laid back.

2. Love is rare and is not easy to find, however, friendship can be found anywhere no matter how beautiful it is.

3. Friendship doesn’t ask you for everything.

4. Jealousy is a tainted part of love. Friendship is based on common understanding.

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