Here are the 7 night shift jobs to work from home.

1. IT Sales Engineer

As per Indeed, the salary per month ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs.80,000. The job is to qualify opportunities and proposals for new business. They work with the delivery and support teams and project managers where they ensure a clear delivery of model.

2. HR Recruiter

The role of an HR recruiter is to engage in internal hiring. They hire candidates from the IT help desk support process. They evaluate the candidates resumes and contact the candidates.

3. Online Coding Tutor

The role is to teach JavaScript based courses to the kids via online classes, in a one-on-one setting. They teach as per the given training and curriculum set by the company.

4. Sales Development Representative

The responsibility of this profile is to create qualifying sales opportunities by engaging with the growing organization. They schedule demos for account executives.

5. BPO

They have to work with US facing clients and handle client communication, training and QA. They monitor calls/ emails / chats and provide feedback. They also manage the IT help desk, service desk, tech support process based in the US.

6. Writing Services or Content Writer

The role of a content writer is to write articles for a set profile. They also help the owners of the websites or the bloggers to edit their text. They find the suitable images and graphic design required for the articles or the website.

7. Translation Services

If you are familiar with or can speak more than one language, this is the ideal job for you.

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