One of the very initial steps that parents take is naming their child. Some names are more popular than others for every age, and some names come back into style like fashion. The name you give your child will function as that person’s primary identification for the rest of their life, so choose carefully. Therefore, avoid giving your child a name they may regret in your excitement and desire to be different. As an illustration: The son of a Russian couple was to be named Viagra. Thank God for the state’s intervention since it prevented the youngster from being given a name that may have made him the target of ridicule when he was older.

Here is a list of Indian baby names that begin with the letter A for both boys and girls.

1) Ayaan: This name often denotes a divine gift. And that is exactly what our baby guy is!

2) Aadi, a boy’s name that means “the beginning,”

3) Aarvi: The name is symbolic of the tranquility we get upon seeing our daughter.

4) Anvika: It means “completely powerful,” “the powerful and strong one,” and it certainly describes our daughter.

5. Aanay, which translates to “without a superior,” is another name for Lord Ganesha. It is also regarded as a different name for Lord Vishnu.

6) Avyan: A boy who is articulate and perfect. It’s one of Lord Ganesha’s many names.

7) Advait: One who is without comparison, peerless. It is a different name for Brahma and Vishnu as well.

8) Ashvik: A boy’s name meaning “one who is blessed to win”

9) Arihant: A male given name that translates to “killer of his adversaries.”

10) Aadvika: A girl who is exceptional in every way and who also stands in for Earth.

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