Graphic design, at the risk of repeating the (very) obvious, is a visual medium. A talented designer combines art, technology, and knowledge to produce a striking visual that can reflect concepts, inspire audiences, or both. And while a designer’s designs may essentially speak for themselves, a strong CV is still required to contextualize their work and offer extra information about their qualifications. Considering that excellent designs don’t just happen.

Consider your CV as a quick overview of your qualifications and experience—a sneak peek at what you can do. Here are some guidelines to remember while you write your graphic design CV.

1. Resist the Temptation to Get Too Creative

The capacity to be creative is important for graphic designers. Additionally, it could be tempting to brag a little on your résumé. But you’ll likely have to deal with an applicant tracking system if you intend to respond to internet job advertisements (ATS). These systems frequently struggle to interpret documents that contain design components like text boxes, graphics, or odd typefaces.

2. Have Links to Examples of Your Work

You may either include links to your work throughout, or you can make a specific section on your resume for your portfolio. In the experience part of your CV, you may also provide hyperlinks to previous work. For instance, you might construct a bullet point list if you designed a corporate logo for a startup.

3. Tailor Your Resume for Every Opportunity

You should always intend to set aside time to modify your resume for each job posting you answer to, even though the content won’t likely change significantly from one application to the next. Although it can seem difficult, it’s actually rather simple. If you’re unsure, keep in mind that if a talent, competency, or piece of technology is mentioned in a job description, it should be on your CV (so long as you have actual experience with that given talent, command, or technology).

4. Use the Right Keywords

To establish whether an applicant is a proper fit for the position, applicant tracking systems are set up to search resumes for a set of keywords. So resume keywords are important. especially when you submit an online application. You don’t have to load your CV with every conceivable graphic design word. However, as a best practice, you should double-check to make sure you’ve organically incorporated as many pertinent keywords as you can.

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