Competition is everywhere. When you visit a company for a job interview, there are already other candidates waiting to race you. Sometimes people with lesser academic scores wins the race. How?? Internships!! Here’s how internships can help you wipe the floor with the class topper.

  • Practical learning – Even if you are a well-graduated student in your field, there is always more to learn. Working under a senior can teach you things you can never learn in a classroom. You understand how your years of studying and hard work is put to work applied in completing a task. You also get valuable guidance from your seniors.
  • Understand your field of work – After working for a few days as an intern, you understand what kind of job you will be doing forward in your life. Jumping into a job that after a few years gives you no job satisfaction can be avoided if you perform an internship in a similar field and explore the same. E.g. A mechanical engineer can have two work profiles, design a product on the computer and manufacturing the same product in the factory. You can experience both profiles as an intern and choose your options.
  • Stronger resume – The more the merrier!! More number of personal achievements can strengthen your resume. At the end of the day, academic marks mean nothing if you don’t have enough work experience. Performing internships can be beneficial to gain experience and showcase the same in the resume.
  • Establishing your network – As an intern, you meet a lot of people. Fellow employees, seniors or clients who can be lucrative in the coming future. You make a place in the industry and if you do a great job as an intern you even make a good name of yourself. This helps you get a positive letter of recommendation (LOR) from your employer for the future.

While performing an internship, if your employer is impressed with how you handle the given task you might even get hired for permanent. In the olden days, internships were about working as a subordinate under a skilful worker or craftsman. Just like that, all we have to gain from an internship is experience and guidance from seniors. If it is a paid internship, its a cherry on the cake.