Women in about all nations of the world have lower salaries, are less educated, are bound to be widowed or separated, and report more unstable wellbeing than men. In view of happiness based on these disparities, should make ladies be less happy than men. However, if you don’t consider these disparities to compare happiness between men and women, you can understand that women tend to be happier than men. In a stable environment which is free from gender-based inequalities, wars and poverty, women can be happier than men. There is no solid research or analysis system to determine this fact or prove it correct, but based on general observations we can conclude it by ourselves.  

It is a natural rule than men are characterized as the providers and women are more susceptible to handling the home and daily chores including taking care of the young ones. This, however, is not the case in today’s generation since women and men are equals in every field. But if we consider who would be better at working outside and who would be better at handling the house, women sure are better at the latter.  Hence women are constantly in the presence of babies and kids, who tend to be loving and spreading happiness just by living. People around babies are always happy and joyful. Also, women tend to find the safest way to complete a particular task whereas men act rashly and sometimes end up in bigger trouble than solving it. They find happiness in little things and are rarely greedy for more things. This makes women better at problem-solving, being calm and being patient; all of which attributes contribute to them being happy.  

Lastly, women don’t bother to do anything unless it is necessary. You will hardly see a woman picking up an unnecessary fight when they can just ignore and continue to be happy. Men always try to show how tough and strong they are. The society makes them feel like being strong, mature and never crying or expressing their emotions is part of being a man. Women, on the other hand, are more sensitive and are open about their feelings and allow their loved ones to support them in tough times. Men allow their ego to drive them and end up being sad. This again is a topic open for debate since estimating someone’s happiness based on their gender is not justifiable. There is no concrete evidence to support the fact that women are happier than men. However, if you believe it to be true, then maybe we should all learn to be happy like women, irrespective of our genders.        

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