As a single parent, it is complicated to get into a relationship and there are high chances of rejection.

Keeping it in mind, here are some tips for single dads to start dating.

1. Be honest with your kids

Before dating, you need to realize that your child plays an important role as well. Therefore, no matter what age they are, it is better, to be honest with them about your intention to date someone.

They can be good allies so do not underestimate your kids.

2. Do not lie to your date about your situation

If you want to have a serious relationship with someone then you need to be honest with your date about your situation because eventually, they are going to find it out and when they do it might get nasty.

3. You might experience rejection but do not give up

Many women are not ready to date a single dad and therefore, you might experience rejection. It might hurt you but do not give up. Remember, you deserve to have a partner and your kid deserves the family.

4. Don’t bring home just anyone you meet

If you don’t plan on dating anyone for a long time then don’t bring them home as kids tend to get attached easily. And when you break up with the woman, you’d break your kid’s heart too.

5. Know the right time to introduce the woman you are seeing to your kids

It is important to select the right time to introduce the woman you are serious about to your kids.

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