Keep your focus on the now. It may appear simple, yet we humans have a difficult time appreciating the present moment. We have a tendency to spend so much time rehashing previous events or over planning for the future that we lose out on the amazing moments that unfold right before our eyes.

We don’t stop to appreciate the present moment. We all want genuine happiness, and in order to get it, we must live in the moment. Focusing too much on the future might lead to anxiety and negative thinking.

You can never predict how life will turn out, no matter how well you plan. Only until you are in that moment will you know.

You can only control the moment you are experiencing right now. You have the option of enjoying the situation or despising it. You can also choose to entirely disregard the moment and waste it, but the current moment is yours to govern in either case.

The number of moments you will be able to experience is not guaranteed. It’s critical to understand this. Nobody knows when their next moment of life will be taken from them. Because you never know when your next opportunity may arise, why not make the most of the one you have right now?

Living in the present moment is the only way to experience this zest for life. Don’t make it difficult for yourself to be satisfied. Observe how you feel after practicing living in the moment. Plan ahead of time when necessary, but don’t lose sight of what’s going on now. Find a happy medium between being present and planning ahead. It’s a gift that you’re in this moment.

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