· Possessive and jealous

Women who are overly possessive are hard to deal with. They won’t let you talk to your female friends or some of them won’t let you have any friends male or female. They just want all of your attention. Which you might find cute in the beginning but later it can become suffocating. They feel jealousy when you talk to other girls and this jealousy can bring different personality out of her. So if you come across such a woman stay away.

· Gold digger

The one who loves only your money. They would try to act rich, wear expensive clothes just to impress you. Once you start dating they will make you pay for the dinner dates, men to feel it’s their duty to pay for their female partner but slowly she becomes more demanding and asks for more expensive things. There you must realise it’s time to say goodbye. It’s ok to gift your girl with expensive gifts if you can afford and if you are willing to bit not when you are forced to.

· Chatterbox

Women who can’t keep their mouth shut are cute only if they let you speak too. In a relationship if you are not allowed to speak, you’ll be choked and frustrated with the constant blabbering. There’s no point in a relationship where you are not heard and understood. There must be two people involved in relationship in every aspect. So if you feel the woman isn’t letting you speak don’t move ahead with the relationship.

· Control freak

In a relationship both the parties should be equal. If one overpowers another then that can’t be called a relationship. This narcissistic behaviour can affect your confidence. This type of women would want you to ask them everything before you do it. For example, you have to ask them before you eat, sleep, shop anything. They even want to control what you would eat, which movie you would watch. This can be so frustrating after some time.

· I, me, myself

The one who loves herself the most. She thinks she is the best and you are the loser. She keeps on mocking you for every possible reason. If you happen to date her, you’ll have no identity of your own. You’ll always be known as her boyfriend.

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