Trust someone, something is very crucial in your life. If you can trust someone, you can know it from their gestures. Untrustworthy people almost always there, they may cause you various kinds of damage. Trust is very important if you are organizing a team for your organization. The simple truth is that if you are doing business and establishing relationships with trustworthy people, you will overcome any situation. The first emotional bond we all develop is trust, right from birth till death. Trust shapes our earliest relationship and we learn how to use trust to survive. But when you come to know at an early age that others can’t be trusted, you lose confidence in the value of trust.

To understand who is trustworthy and who can’t be trusted is very important. Here we look at a few signs that you can’t trust that particular person.

Their emotional state is volatile and they are inconsistent in their decision

Trust is formed immediately after birth. If trust is missing in formative years, it creates uncertainty and doubt. Certainly, there are people who are volatile and their emotional states fluctuate. The reason being that they will make promises they quickly regret and refrain. They aren’t certain about the decisions they are making. Everyone changes mind now and then, but if someone has a pattern of inconsistencies, lookout. Also, you can’t trust that person.

They show a lack of empathy

This is the unique behavior of untrustworthy people. They are untrustworthy by diminishing the impact, pain, and inconvenience they cause others. This type of behavior is very dangerous because once you lose empathy you started down and down. It is also the fact that people lacking empathy have no awareness that they do.

They breach confidentiality

Secrecy is very important when you’re interacting in society. Untrustworthy people are lacking in keeping secrecy. They disclose things to all, which creates problems. Actually, confidentiality is a secret bond, which is non-negotiable. If these people did it to someone else, they will do it to you. There is no scope for trust where there is no respect for secrecy.

They project behavior on you

Untrustworthy people have a habit of accusing others of behaviors that they exhibit. If someone constantly accusing you mean that person projecting his untrustworthy behavior and insecurities on to you. Keep yourself away from this type of personality.

They lie to themselves

Last but very important signs of an Untrustworthy person is they lie to themselves. They are simply inconsistent with reality. These people trying to create a perception that conforms to desires rather than to reality. If someone describes himself quiet person seeking harmony, while the behavior is something disruptive or arrogant, keep yourself away from this type of person who actually lies.

Those were five signs that you can’t trust that particular person.

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