As the lockdown proceeds, numerous individuals are confronting the issue of weight gain by sitting at home all day. There are various reasons why individuals have put on weight during the lockdown. One explanation is essential because it has been an inactive time, absent from a lot of moving or having to move much. In case you have been consistently on your feet and abruptly wound up sitting at home continuously, you may have heaped on some additional weight. The second explanation behind weight gain is mental stress. The lockdown period has been unpleasant energy for some individuals. Stress is connected to higher irritation in the body and weight gain. Some of the people who played a certain sport every day are not able to do so anymore and hence started accumulating additional calories which resulted in weight gain.

Whatever the explanation is, this is an opportunity to slowly inhale and stop following the same routine. It’s not very late and if you start now with some basic advances, you can shed any weight that you’ve accumulated and get back to your life as it was before. The time ahead will be trying for everybody, which is the reason you should be fit and fine to deal with issues and misfortunes in the future.

  • Start exercising in your home itself – The principal thing that you have to do is basically see what has been your explanation behind weight increase through the lockdown. In case your cause behind weight gain has been the absence of physical activity, then you need to start doing more activities. Start with normal exercises. Watch fitness videos and exercises to perform on YouTube. Keep your physical-self busy all the time.
  • Remain calm and composed -In case the reason behind your weight gain has been mental instability or stress, you have to quiet down and improve your inner strength. You have to help yourself through the difficult stretches ahead. Some people are having a hard time maintaining their inner peace and losing their minds due to lockdown. In case you too are facing an equivalent situation, attempt some straightforward breathing activities. Indeed, even tuning in to music you love, and loosening up can enable you to destress. You can also try some yoga and meditation.
  • Control eating – Since it is easy to get bored sitting inside our homes and doing nothing, we tend towards eating to reduce our boredom. You binge watch TV shows, Web series and movies all day and while doing so, you also constantly keep eating. Avoid eating a lot of oiliest and junk food. If you must, eating fruits and vegetables with no fats.