· Make a schedule and try to stick to it

To begin with, you must first make a proper schedule and allocate time for each activity. Making a schedule helps you understand the time required for each work and how to smartly get the work done in the specific time limit. When you set a deadline, we often tend to cut off unnecessary work and do the required part. For example:- If you have a project to submit within a deadline, you would prefer avoiding the decoration around and present the required part.

· Look for efficient shortcuts

Shortcuts are not always preferable but if you can think of an efficient shortcut then why not. Taking the short route is always preferable if it takes you to the same destination with very less work. If the computer can make the list why would you take efforts to write down each name?

· Learn to delegate rightly

To be able to do smart work, you must learn to delegate the work to the right people at the right time. Delegation of work makes easier and faster completion of work. What matters is your task is completed it doesn’t matter how you did it. So often delegate the work which you can and do the rest by yourself.

· Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is a very bad habit that would increase your load of work in the end. Procrastination means pushing your work to the next day. If you want to work smart and complete your work on time, you must stick to your schedule, do respective work at the respective time. Avoiding procrastination will be one major step towards smart work.

· Be flexible

Be flexible, keep your brain and ears open to accept new ideas. Don’t stick to the old methods, adapt to new and faster methods quickly. Keep learning new things this will surely help you in bringing up new ideas to prefer smart work over hard work.

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