Tired of the job that constantly gives you more tasks with impossible deadlines? Tired of being nagged and scold by your employer even when you didn’t do anything wrong? Maybe you should try to be self-employed. A person who is self-employed usually works by himself under no supervision and owns the business himself. Being self-employed can be tricky and struggling but once you settle yourself and your business, its worth every second you spent. You suddenly thank yourself for quitting the job that gave you no job satisfaction and where you had to work unwillingly just to get paid. Here are some reasons why you are better off as self-employed: –

  • You decide everything – Every decision taken, every rule and definitions set for your business come from you. You take control of your life and the business. Since you don’t have to answer anyone, you can freely impose your ideas and views into making and expanding your business.
  • Flexible work hours – You are the boss. You don’t have to apply for a holiday or half to do something personal important work. You can decide when to work and when to rest. As long as you are practical and don’t allow yourself to take too many breaks you can make a good profit from your business as well as maintain your personal life with ease.
  • Choose people of your liking to work with – You can hire someone to do a job that you find difficult and that person can be anyone who you think is suitable. You can start the business with a partner of your choice who maybe even your friend or family member.
  • Profit is all yours – Since there is no middle man, you don’t have to share the profit with anyone. Just deduct the cost of your investments and you can keep the rest of your profit with yourself. Every penny that you receive by working hard belongs to only you.
  • You can follow your interests – Its everybody dreams to do something that they enjoy and are interested in. Being self-employed allows you to explore new heights and live your life in your terms. You can finally complete all the dreams that you saw as a kid or a youngster.

Being self-employed is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning and strategic moves to set the business and conquer the market. You won’t receive huge profits from the start itself but do not lose hope. Be patient and keep doing what you do.