The only question or mystery that scientists or even the smartest minds in the world aren’t able to solve is what happens after we die. What is the purpose of our life? Is there a heaven or a hell? Are we judged based on our acts in the afterlife? Does the afterlife even exist? All these questions remain unanswered and unsolved. Only the people who die can know what happens to them after they die. So what happens to us after we die will always be a mystery. No matter how much we try to dig, we will never be able to find the answer to this question. But we can surely know what happens to our current life on earth after we die. We are wrapped in a clean piece of cloth and buried or incinerated depending on our faith. But that’s not all.

We leave behind our families and friends. We say goodbye to our brothers and sisters. All the people who we impacted or influenced while being alive will feel our absence to their very core. Keanu Reeves, a Canadian actor was once asked the very same question, of ‘what happens when we die?’. He took a beat, paused to think and gave a simple elegant reply. He said, “I know that the people who love us will miss us.” It is indeed very much true. Why should we bother about thinking what will happen to us after we die, which can never be answered, instead of thinking what will happen to the people in our life we hold so closely? What we do while we are alive and healthy is what matters the most.

How many people we love, how many people we help, how many people we influence, all these things are the only thing that matters. So, we should stop thinking about our afterlife, and try to embrace the beautiful life we already have. Live this life with utmost happiness and be kind to everyone around you. Forgive the people who wrong you and apologize to the people who you hurt. Live this life with no regrets. We don’t carry along anything with us after we die, not money nor property. These are the things that get divided among next of your kin. The only thing you leave behind and that will never perish, are the unforgettable moments and memories you made. People will remember you for who you were and how you lived your life. So, make your life large and beautiful while you can!!!