Make your mind work.

Consider your brain’s health in the same way you would your body’s. Brain exercises can be entertaining and a fantastic way to meet new people. Mental exercises can also help to prevent memory loss and dementia, which are two common side effects of aging. Honing your intelligence will help you embrace it since you will be giving it the attention and space to expand that it deserves. Seek out intellectual stimulation. Make a commitment to learning something new. Take up a new language or learn to play an instrument, for example.

Get your body moving.

Regular aerobic exercise can help to promote brain cell proliferation. This can boost your intelligence even more by enhancing your ability to ignore distractions, focus, and plan. Physical activity can help you remember things and think more clearly. Most, if not all, days of the week should include some sort of aerobic activity. Do 30 minutes of jogging, quick walking, dancing, cycling, swimming, or any other activity that requires repeated, rhythmic motion of your major muscles.

Before going to bed, read or study.

Before going to bed, you can better retain new information. Even if you are already intelligent, the urge to study continues to grow as society changes and grows. Reading not only makes you smarter, but it also makes you more sympathetic! People who believe intellect is flexible – that is, that it can be improved – are better learners in general. Reading helps you fall asleep by releasing the tension, slowing your heart rate, and reducing stress.

Consider your emotional requirements.

People with strong emotional intelligence are aware of their own and others’ emotional needs. Consider whether the emotion you’re experiencing is beneficial or unhealthy for you. If it doesn’t feel like a typical and manageable emotion, work on improving your response to similar situations. Work on recognizing and responding to the sentiments of others. Consider their speech, facial expressions, bodily motions, and posture, for example.

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