Make a point of asking her a lot of questions and attempting to figure out where her intelligence rests. What her passions are and what her interests are. These types of questions will always make her feel as if you care about what she has to say and will help you ‘connect’ with her. Talking to her about her aspirations for the future and her dreams might truly help you connect.


An Aquarius lady wants to make a mental connection with someone who understands her and with whom she can be herself. She is attracted to you not because of your physical appearance, but because of your brains. The Aquarius lady desires a best friend and unconditional love because once she falls in love with you, she will accept you just as you are.


She admires collaborative initiatives that benefit society, so if you’re active in something like a humanitarian cause, she might find you fascinating. You must stand out from the herd in order to attract an Aquarius woman; be sure to express yourself. When it comes to love, the Aquarius woman is not your typical romance.


When an Aquarius woman begins to fall for you, she will take a few steps back since she values creating a relationship based on friendship first. Aquarius is the sign that requires the greatest room of all the zodiac signs. Try not to be too attached and prevent her from going out. She doesn’t want to conform too much in a long-term relationship, so you’ll have to keep up with her unusual energy.

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