Everyone expects their bosses to be a little nicer, help them grow and make them feel valued. But that’s not the case most of the time. But no matter how difficult it is deal with your boss or manager you have to deal with them and their issues. We have gathered few tips to help you out.

· Try to understand your boss

Is he or she really that bad Or is it just the situation? Sometimes the situation could be such that your boss had to react the way he or she reacted. Also try to understand their working culture and preferences and try to adapt accordingly.

· Don’t let it affect your work

No matter what nothing should affect your work. If you let your work affected it will further put you in trouble and your boss might get another reason to scold.

· Draw a line

People with unappealing behaviour won’t know where to set the boundaries And if this is the case you should draw a line and set the boundaries. Learn to distance yourself from such people. Don’t interfere in your boss’s work when you are not needed to.

· Know what triggers your boss

Identify what triggers your boss. There might be certain things he or she might not appreciate like long lunch breaks, delay in submission in such cases avoid doing things that trigger your boss.

· Be proactive

Do your homework and research beforehand. Always stay one step ahead of your boss.

· Don’t be intimidated

It is observed that the more you are intimidated by someone the more the other the person tries to overpower you. Stand firm when your boss yells or criticizes you.