· Pay attention to passive-aggressive behaviour, don’t ignore such kind of behaviour.

· Learn to have open communication with the person. Being open about feedbacks and encouraging conversation can help you stop the behaviour.

· Politely disagree and dismiss suggestions from them and remind them that it is OK to disagree sometimes.

· Let them know that you are aware of their intentions and you won’t get manipulated

· Pay more attention to what they do and say

· Ask them about their intentions behind their actions

· Always have a plan B when sharing a project with a passive-aggressive person.

· Try to stay away from such person as much as possible and keep yourself away from the trouble the person might cause.

· Know that passive-aggressive behaviour is never your fault or it’s never about you, it’s the other person’s psychology.

· Unless you did something wrong avoid apologising to the person, it might give them a boost and indicate that they are behaving the right way.


· Avoid showing anger. If you show your anger, the passive-aggressive person will be less unified, stop articulating and thus will confirm that you are his enemy, and will become more hostile and resentful, even to the point of planning his revenge.

· Do not respond to passive-aggressive behaviour with your own passive-aggressive behaviour, or using sarcasm or irony.

· Stay firm, Maybe the person might try to put you through guilt or accepting blame, but put an end to it. Don’t let these tactics work on you any longer.

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