· Decide what to do after quitting the job

You must be absolutely sure about what next? Before leaving the job because if you don’t have any plans ahead, quitting your current job can be a great risk. So if you want to quit your job but have no plans, make plans for the future. Decide what you want to do whether it’s a new job or start your own business. Having something in mind will keep you stress-free after quitting.

· Give prior notice

Before submitting the resignation, you must give prior notice to your employer. Sending an email is not enough it shows your low confidence. Instead, go to your employer and tell him/her your decision and be honest while telling the reason for your resignation. Since you are leaving doesn’t mean you should say anything that comes to your mind, be professional about your words as it may affect your further employment.

· Draft a formal resignation

After talking to your employer, draft a formal resignation letter. A resignation letter is an official document proof of you wanting to quit the job and it also states the date you submitted your resignation and after your notice period you can leave and your employer can’t make you wait.

· Complete all your pending job

Just because you are quitting in two-three weeks doesn’t mean you don’t have to work for the rest of the weeks. Before leaving it’s expected from you to complete your pending job. Your boss would ask you to do some kind of work in the notice period, don’t leave this work undone finish it and leave your job as a professional.

· Leave on a friendly note

Your boss or HR committee will ask you many questions about the reason for leaving the job. If you are a good employee they will even be ready to compensate more to make you stay. If your decision is the firm state it clearly without being rude. Be honest with your experiences but don’t blame anyone. Leave your job on a friendly note. Take time to say goodbye to your colleagues and formal bye to your employer. Be grateful and leave your job with a smiling face.

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