Impressing your audience in the first statement is really important for your audience to continue listening to you. Listening to speeches is found boring by many people unless they truly admire you. So it’s necessary to attract your audience’s attention within the first seven seconds of your speech. Which means you should have an extraordinary opening statement. It’s all about the first impression. Studies claim within the first seven seconds people will have a judgement about you and within those few seconds, they decide whether or not they should listen to you. So you only have seven seconds to impress them.

What should be your opening statement?

Your opening statement should rather relate to your topic than you. You should never begin by introducing yourself or what you are going to talk about. Instead, you begin with a story or an incident or an expression, which tends to attract the audience.

But it’s not just your speech there are other things that have their share in attracting the audience.


While you speak your confidence can be seen and that plays important role in impressing your audience. When a confident person speaks he seems more influential.


Even if we say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, it’s hardly possible for a human being to not judge. You are going to be judged by the way you dress. So when you are planning to go on stage dress proper and neat.


Your voice should be clear and passionate. When you speak about something your voice should be such as if you are in love with the topic. You should be able to adjust with your pitch as and when required. There should be energy in your voice that will attract the audience’s attention.

Talk slow and clear

Talk slow and clear people must be able to understand your words. If they don’t understand what you speak they will not pay any heed to what you speak. Also don’t slow yourself too much that your audience gets bored.

So above few things are to be kept in mind while you start your speech and you are going to win the audience. Also, just an opening statement is not enough your entire speech should be well researched. Just a good opening statement doesn’t ensure the attention of the audience for the entire speech. Your speech should also be worth listening to. The opening statement just helps you grab the attention of the audience in the beginning so they at least listen to you and then it’s up to your speech to keep them listening.