Medical Assistants are accountable for a vast variety of duties that enables medical offices, clinics, and laboratories to regulate at maximum performance. Several Medical Assistants can also prepare prescriptions, organize lab specimens and sterilize medical tools.

Nursing Assistants lend the patients essential care and enable them to perform regular day-to-day tasks. Many CNAs function in hospitals and residential care facilities.

Job responsibilities of Medical Assistants generally comprise allocating shots and medicine, assembling blood samples for lab testing, and enabling physicians to complete examinations of patients.

Job responsibilities of Nursing Assistant comprise enabling patients to get bandaged, bathe or shower, see whether patients eat their food, and transfer them from bed to wheelchair.

Skills for medical assistants include scheduling of appointment, measuring vital signs, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Electrocardiogram.

Medical assistant must also have a proper analytical skills, because reading the charts of the patients and understanding medical diagnoses are important part of their job.

Skills for CNAs include providing assistance, patient bathing, measuring vital signs, home health assistance. The CNA had to be emotionally and physically strong as the create close bonds with their patients, it can be for good but the end of the patients life can be difficult for them to bear.

Medical Assistants can find jobs in various medical facilities. These include offices, private healthcare facilities, clinics, laboratories, the health industry, and independent hospitals.

Certified Nursing Assistants generally work in hospitals, assisted living facilities for the elderly, home healthcare services, government settings, continuing care for retirement communities, and many more.

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