Well, when you reach a certain age, all your friends and acquaintances seem to be getting married. However, research has found that most of the young population are delaying marriages. It is completely okay to never get married for the following reasons.

1. Marriage is seen as an outdated institution which some people do not want to fit in.

Marriage is considered to be conservative institution which involves child-rearing. It defines a commitment, relationship and love. Additionally, in many cases marriages are likely to fail.

2. Marriage is a risky way of relying on one individual for all the emotional needs.

After marriage, couples are dependent on each other for contentment such as intimacy, caring, loving, advice, finances and much more. This builds an unrealistic fantasy which results in unhappiness and disappointments.

3. Marriage creates financial problems.

To avoid any financial issues, many people opt to live together rather than getting married. In many states, there is a law that states, in marriage the spouse is responsible for their partner’s debts. Since marriages have too many financial troubles, it is okay to never get married.

4. Happy marriage requires serious commitment which is difficult to maintain.

As per research, people who invest enough time and energy in a relationship or marriage see fruitful results. A good and healthy marriage requires more time, effort and energy. Considering the fact that nowadays people have got accustomed to busy life, commitment of time in marriage seems like a challenge. As a result divorces rates are on the rise.
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