There are several jobs that rely on strong communication skills. But that’s not only the thing; along with communication, one should be able to present your thoughts concisely and clearly without creating confusion for the listener. And if you have the courage to speak your views clearly and loud, there are several good jobs with good earnings.

Announcer: One of the respected and admired professions where you must step up, hold the mic, and present music, news, sports, the weather, traffic, on TV or radio, etc. At the same time, announcers must be up-to-date and confident in their speaking style.

Event Planner: Inspired by fitness instructors, personal trainers, or motivational speakers, you can be an event planner with that communication power. Be the hero of the team and plan out events well.

High School Teacher: Teachers need solid communication skills with psychology to understand students and help them overcome their fears in learning. A person with good communication skills can be more clear with the concepts for the students.

Reporter: Before publishing a single word, a reporter has to go through many interviews and follow-ups with the source for authenticity and clarity. Those with good communication skills can keep up with such roles and perform better. It is a high demand profession.

There are many other jobs for those with better communication skills. However, these are just a few examples that are good and easy to do for a person with good communication knowledge.