Dinner should be light so that it won’t take much time to digest. Also, it should be rich in protein and nutrients to help growth. Kids at their growing age need a proper intake of nutrients so that it can help them in proper growth. Often, healthy food is not so tasty, but there are dishes that can be a good choice for tasty and healthy for kids. Here, check out the list.

1) Palak Paneer: This is undoubtedly one of the favorite dishes of kids. Cooked with spinach and tomato puree, this dish is an amazing source of energy. It has nutrition and protein, which is good for kids.

2) Egg Fried Rice: It is a kid-friendly dish. The combination of protein-rich eggs with rice and vegetables is good for health. It is easy to make and takes less than as compared to other dishes.

3) Soya Chunks: A great source of protein, soya chunks are a vegetarian food choice that you can add to curry and enjoy with rice or chapati. You can also eat soya chunks fried in oil with added salt and pepper.

4) Dal Makhani: This mouth-watering name suggests the richness of the dish. A great source of protein for vegetarians. You can enjoy the richness of the dal with rice or chapati as you like.

5) Tandoori Fish: Fish is a great source of protein and is filled with nutritious value. The marinated fish in yogurt along with tandoori spices, and then grill it or bake to elevate the taste. Kids can’t resist this mouth-watering dish.