· Stop trying to be perfect

Nobody is perfect, not are you. So stop trying to be perfect at the workplace. You give your best leave the rest to your destiny. But don’t overstress yourself with the burden of being perfect at everything. Don’t feel stupid because you couldn’t do a particular thing, it’s completely ok to fail but try to learn from your failure.

· Listen to your favourite music

Listening to music can help you calm down and relax while being overwhelmed by work. Many people face lots of stress at work. But when you listen to your favourite music, it instantly brings back your mood and often motivates you to keep going and makes it a bit easier to manage the stress.

· Avoid being anxious

Try to stay calm even in stressful situation avoid being anxious and peacefully deal with the situation. Being anxious about something will only promote mistakes and encourage more stressful situations. Remember any issue can be solved with a calm mind. So keep yourself relaxed and calm.

· Sleep enough

Not getting enough sleep can boost your stress level. Sleeping is kind of healing your mind and freshening up for the next day. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day, even if you are busy make time for sleep. Avoid wasting your time on mobile phones and books while in bed. Try to sleep as soon as possible.

· Maintain work-life balance

To keep yourself sane, it’s necessary to maintain a work-life balance. You can’t just work all day and have no life outside the job. Enjoy your personal life and only then you can enjoy your professional life. You earn to have a good life but if you don’t get time to spend money and use the money rightfully what is the point of working so hard. Keeping your job stress free will only be possible if you detach yourself from work when you leave your office.

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