Non-verbal communication means where you communicate with your actions and not words. It includes facial expressions, body language, touch etc. It is very important because your actions can be understood better and faster than your words when the other person doesn’t speak the same language. While it makes you more expressive and your words more effective. Besides non-verbal communication plays an important role in your professional life. Let’s see how these types of non-verbal communication help you.

· Body gesture

Body gesture is said to communicate better than other forms of non-verbal communication. Gestures may be with hands, arms or body. Gestures that are dependent on your speech are used parallel with the speech. When the gestures are used properly it can come handy to impress.

· Postures

Posture includes how the person holds himself, as in how he sits, stands, walks etc. Posture often communicates about the personality of a person. Someone with a great posture can mesmerize people.

· Facial expressions

Facial expressions are a form of non-verbal communication. The eyes, mouth and eyebrows are the important features of facial expressions. Your expressions can convey a lot of information about your feelings. So a pleasing face with a smile always helps to attract people and make them listen to you.

· Eye contact

Eye contact is an important part of non-verbal communication as it showcases your confidence and helps you express yourself better.

Why is non-verbal communication important?

Importance of non-verbal communication at work depends on the work you do. If you are a teacher, lawyer, manager or any other professions where you spend most of the time communicating with others, non-verbal communication is more important to you than people who don’t have to communicate much at their workplace.

Non-verbal communication has a great impact on how the other person will receive your words. If you are saying something with smile and excitement on your face, the person tends to listen to you more carefully than when you are talking in a monotonous tone without any facial expressions.

Communicating verbally and non verbally is very important to work efficiently, for a person to completely understand your words you need to make use of facial expressions, gestures etc. A happy person will always spread happiness through his facial expressions and body language. Your expressions and body language show your attitude towards the conversation.