· Sexual history

It’s very important to talk about your sexual history, to help your gynaecologist to give you proper advice and to enhance your treatment if required. You must not be afraid of gynaecologist being judgemental because they are not. You must freely tell them about your partners doesn’t matter if there are more than one. Tell them when was the last time you had sex etc.

· Period related issues

There are hardly few women who never faced any issue with their periods. At some point in life, everyone faces some or the other issue. As normal as it seems, it is necessary to visit a gynaecologist for such issues to get proper advice and to find out if there’s anything serious. Missing periods can be a sign of PCOS or something as serious as cancer. So any issue with menstruation you must visit a gynaecologist.

· Low libido

Low libido is a term that describes lower sex drive or not wanting to have sex. It can be very much disturbing for married couples and can cause doubt, misunderstanding and even divorce. If the cause is identified it can be treated. So when you face the problem of low libido, you should see the gynaecologist and talk to them about it freely.

· Painful sex

Sex for the first few times can be painful, but it continues to be painful every time and causes to release blood after every intercourse then probably you must see the doctor. Sex shouldn’t be painful after the first 2-3 times. You should talk to a gynaecologist about it and don’t just deal with the pain on your own.

· Vaginal odour

Normal vaginal odour is nothing to be concerned about but if there is unusual odour and a really bad one you should visit a gynaecologist and get yourself checked. It can be as simple as infection or something as dangerous as cancer. So don’t use products to hide the odour instead get yourself checked.

· Infection or unusual discharge

If you have constant irritation near the vaginal area or an unusual discharge visit the gynaecologist as soon as possible. There can be a yeast infection, which should be treated as soon as possible. Because if it increases it might really frustrate you affect your vaginal health and sexual life.

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