All the time we thought that workers are the ones who lie to their bosses about leave or not being able to complete work on time but did you know your boss is the one who lies the most? Your boss can make you work for longer hours and pay you less by lying and you don’t even find it out. Everyone of us thinks that we are working in the most honest, successful and stable organization around, but let’s face it that can’t always be the case. Organizations are made of people and people aren’t always honest. Even when they’re not deliberately deceptive, people may tend to put a positive spin on things.

Here’s the lie your bosses tell you most of the time.

· “your job is safe” if you hear this from your boss probably he is lying to you. Especially, when you feel your job is on shaky ground and you expect a layoff coming your way.

· “This is a 9 to 5 job” believe me it’s a lie every employer tells their employees. You’ll definitely get paid for the hours between 9 to 5 but you’ll have to work more than that almost every day.

· “You’ll have a work-life balance” it’s a more clever lie than the 9 to 5 one here you’ll never know what life you’ll enjoy in the name of work-life balance. Whether you are going to get weekends off or a vacation you’ll never know.

· “We’re one big family” no workplace is ever going to be a family because there’s always going to be race between the employees to get a promotion which doesn’t really happen in a family. Always remember, it’s a business and nothing personal.

· “Employees are our assets” again a lie, employees are never treated as an asset they are a cost and also treated like one. Assets are valued more than costs and it’s a fact.

· “You can tell me anything” don’t fall for this trap. It’s a lie you can’t share anything with your boss, after all, he is your boss and not your friend.

· “I am too busy right now” no he is not busy probably doesn’t want to work and thus will also make you wait until he makes up his mood to work.

· “ We can’t pay you more” don’t settle for this lie. There’s always a cash flow and since you are the cost to your company they’ll definitely try to reduce their cost so whenever you hear this statement try to negotiate.

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